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What it is:

It’s an easy way to contribute to Citizens Fundraising Initiative for R Park.

How it works:

Most businesses purchase promotional productscompany apparel, or advertising specialty products of some sort.  If you know someone who is going to make a purchase for these types of products, they can place that order with Branding Stop and a percentage of the total order value will be redirected to the Citizens Fundraising Initiative for R Park. It’s easy... all you need to do is either you or someone you know place an order at Branding Stop using the Fundraiser Code:  RPARK

Explanation of % Breakdown

When Placing Your Order, use the Fundraiser code: RPARK

What is Branding Stop?

Branding Stop is the region’s premier supplier of PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS and CORPORATE APPAREL.  They work with businesses and organizations, small and large, by providing those essential items used for Promotion and Advertising, Relationship-Building, Recognition, Branding, Tradeshows, Incentives, Team-Building, and literally dozens of other applications.  These items range greatly from a $0.30 pen all the way up to a Swiss Army Luggage Set (and beyond).  Just imagine anything your company would want to place their logo on for whatever reason, and Branding Stop more than likely can do that for you.

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