Branding Stop Cares LogoAll of us at Branding Stop understand that this business is blessing.  With that blessing, we believe that we have a responsibility to BE A BLESSING.

Our Branding Stop Cares program is continiously looking for opportunities to give to the community in ways that carry REAL VALUE and impact the lives for others.

The causes that we take up are diverse.  Whether it's a well established charity doing good work, a single mother in need, a missionary with a crisis need, a family seeking funds for adoptions... Branding Stop does care.

Our Branding Stop Cares initiative is separate from our other program that helps others in need, The Fundraiser's Toolbox.  Fundraiser's Toolbox is great because it does play a part in getting funds in the hands of causes that need them.  But we know that Fundraiser's Toolbox is also generating new clients and revenue to our business at the same time.  Branding Stop Cares is the higher priority between the two to our leadership team because it gives us the freedom to step up and just help someone without hesitation or being initiated by someone outside of our own desire to help.

Have a look at some of the cool things our Branding
Stop Cares initiative has helped with!